AutoLaunch FAQ’s:

Q: When I set AutoLaunch to start in my project directory, AutoCAD’s Open command still defauts in a directory path of the last opened drawing.

A: The AutoCAD “RememberFolders” command should be set to “0”.

Q: How do I setup all of our users running AutoLaunch to run a common profile, template, or script?

A: In the AutoLaunch/Admin Settings button, make sure your Master Settings for AutoLaunch is pointing to a shared network drive all users can access. In the Optional ACAD.EXE command line switches, use the /P command for profile, /T command to load a template, and/or the /B command to run a script. Please refer to the AutoCAD help file for more explanation on command line switches.

Q: How do I setup AutoLaunch to run off a network and share master AutoLaunch settings?

A: Install AutoLaunch to a shared network drive, Run AutoLaunch Admin Settings, once settings are complete, select the OK button.  Run the AutoLaunch_Client.exe to setup users workstations.  AutoLaunch.exe and settings will be copied to the directory where acad.exe resides.  You may want to add an AutoLaunch shortcut to the users desktop for quick access.


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